Dato: 03/10/18 What can i say about the lovely Gilly. I have been using gilly for nearly two years now and she does not disappoint. Everything she has said has come true even the stuff i didnt want to believe. She has helped me so much in my life that i cant thank her enough. Read more about Elisabeth[…]


Gilly Dato: 27/08/18 Having been sceptical about tarot before but after having a reading from Gilly I can honestly say that she has changed my opinion for life! I had questions about my business and life and her answers have been spot on in helping me move forward and improve. Cant thank Gilly enough for Read more about Russel[…]


Dato: 27/04/18 I had a chakra cleansing from Gilly about 2 weeks ago, and honestly can say that I have never felt so calm and peaceful in all my life. Thank you ever so much Gilly.


Gilly Dato: 10/11/19 An absolute joy. She told it to me straight and got right to the root of what was going on for me. Really touched my soul and made me feel safe and connected again. I’ll definitely speak to her again. Thank you Gilly you are a hidden gem for sure.


Dato: 07/08/15 Gilly is direct, very insightful, and gives clear guidance. Leaves me feeling grounded. I really do recommend her.